My online language lessons:


I travel through Europe and North Africa and give weekly face-to-face English lessons over Skype. 

My lessons are an exciting alternative to typical classroom learning. Using the latest free technologies and applications, we have the power and the freedom to explore, build and speak about anything and everything. 



I take my laptop and teach English wirelessly everywhere I go, so you can see the world with me on my crazy adventures. 

This is my University of Life, and I'm living it to the fullest and putting my heart and soul into making my lessons and courses as unique, entertaining and truly educational as possible. 



A master craftsman at work. I am a qualified and highly experienced language teacher, having worked at various schools and companies in the past before starting my own online business.

I am a fluent speaker of German and Spanish and specialize in teaching English to native speakers of these languages. 

Living and teaching in Spain, 2017

Learn smarter | learn faster | learn more

We are free to create, design and learn whatever we want in our lessons using the power of the internet and web applications, building creative projects together and giving students powerful motivation to learn and work on our projects in- and outside of lessons, empowering students to channel their skills and to practise their English in a constructive way.

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Learning tools

These are the tools we use to build, create, design, translate and analyze our lesson and project material. They are all free to download and easy to use, they transform our Skype calls into interactive workshops where we learn by doing. 

Example lessons

Have a look at some of these topics and projects involved in our lessons which we use to power our exciting conversations and debates. We then use our tools and applications to learn, build and research information and material around the lesson topic. 

Every lesson is an investment

And no lesson is ever the same...

Having a teacher who is driven and passionate about his students and his life's work, combined with interactive and exciting learning projects, will motivate you like no coffee ever could. You will be learning valuable tech skills and knowledge and will be ready to succeed in a digitalized global job market


Learn English one-to-one

25 € per lesson 

45 Minute lesson - 2x per week

Learning one-to-one is always great. It's intensive and gives the student and teacher a chance to really get to know each other and to specialize on the needs of the individual student and allows lesson planning to be more flexible. 

Learn English in a group

20 € per person

45 Minute lesson - 2x per week

Group learning is a completely different dynamic and gives us a chance to do more exciting things together, we focus more on conversational skills through roleplay and discussion and use Smart Tools to all collaborate on fun projects together. 

Learn Tech and Business English

35 € per person

45 Minute lesson - 2x per week

Learn one-to-one or in a group. We focus on professional English and present/future workplace technologies. A perfect course for those working in and wanting to enter the world of tech at a professional level.